Rent a bicycle Leon HT Lady 2019

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The bicycle may be available at the following rental locations:

Sporty aluminium frame with a comfortable fit and special female geometry. Brand components ensures good riding performance. Add to this bright colours and a trendy design. It is a reliable model for rides of any level of difficulty.

This is a mountain bike type. What does that mean?

This type of bicycle is designed for off-road riding, which results in the durability of the bicycle. The tyres of these bikes are much wider than set up on conventional bikes and at the same time have a deep tread pattern. Of course, these tyres are difficult to compare with the real conquerors of off-road, such as fatbikes.
Mountain bikes usually have a shock fork and/or rear wheel suspension. The durability and reliability of the components make these bikes the most versatile – they are used both for park rides and for racing in difficult conditions on specially prepared tracks with root and stone sections.