Snowboards rental


Recently, more and more residents of the capital of Ukraine are engaged in active recreation with their family and friends. Many Kyiv residents go on weekends to special parks and prepared ski slopes to have a good time with their loved ones, to have a rest from work and city fuss. But, unfortunately, not every person who wants to enjoy skiing or snowboarding, has all the necessary equipment.

If you don’t have your own snowboarding equipment, you can rent a snowboard. To do this, you can contact our company VELOKRATIA. We offer everyone to rent a board, skis and ski apparels in Kyiv at the most pleasant and affordable prices. The range includes a large selection of equipment, thanks to which all residents and guests of the capital, turning to us, will be able to find the most appropriate clothes and snowboards for rent for themselves, their families and friends.

We take an individual approach to all customers, selecting the necessary equipment depending on such criteria:

  • The foot size of the boarder: we offer boards for rent for people of all ages;
  • Skills: we have the equipment for beginners, amateurs and professionals;
  • Design: in our company you can rent skis, snowboards and equipment for boys, girls, women and men – everyone chooses the option that meets his requirements.

Our personnel also adjust snowboard bindings, to set up correct stance width, binding angles and micro adjustments for the specific pair of boots that will be used with this snowboarding set.

Snowboard equipment rental terms

Our company VELOKRATIA offers inhabitants and visitors of capital of Ukraine favourable conditions of hire of snowboards. As a rule, we offer to rent ski equipment on deposit. The amount of the deposit when renting a snowboard is 5000 UAH, 200 USD or 150 EUR (mainly calculated in national currency). Upon request, the client can leave his passport or driver’s license as a deposit (in this case you will need to pay additional 500 UAH in case of damage to equipment).

Note! If you only need to rent a snowboard, snowboarding boots or clothes (sometimes there is such a need), the amount of the deposit will be less.

Snowboard rental price

Many customers are interested in the cost of ski/snowboarding equipment rental. Our company has a suitable pricing policy, so we set the most optimal and affordable prices. You can get acquainted with the full list of prices in the price section.

Note! The cost of snowboarding rental depends on the number of days of rental. This means that the longer you rent equipment, the cheaper it will cost you in terms of one day of rental.

Category A+ includes professional grade equipment and those manufactured after 2017

Category A includes snowboards in good condition and with all modern technologies, but these will be models older than 2 years

Children’s category includes snowboards up to 130 cm long

Booking snowboard rental

Our company is often contacted by residents and guests of Kyiv to book a rental of skis, snowboards and ski suits. To do this, you should contact one of our rental offices. Our staff will match the equipment, taking into account your wishes. You will be able to try out the clothes and shoes to see if they fit you well enough. If the size is correct, our staff will arrange and take a 50% prepayment of the total rental price specified in the contract as a reservation. We care about our reputation and the trust of our clients, so you can be sure that when you come to us at the agreed time, the prepared snowboarding equipment will be waiting for you.

We always have special offers for discount cardholders

For more information, please contact your manager

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