You can rent a bike at one of our rentals. To learn about the list of services and prices for bicycle rental in Kyiv and Kyiv region you can visit the price section.

Rental terms and conditions

In order to rent a bicycle, you need to leave a deposit of at least UAH 500, as well as an identity document. Such a document can be a passport or driver’s license.

Alternatively, you can also leave another document as a deposit, but in this case, the deposit will be 1500 UAH. In the absence of documents, the full cost of the bicycle or, in agreement with the manager of the rental point, any valuable thing (smartphone, tablet, laptop) is taken as a deposit.

Electric scooters

The electric scooters are convenient transport, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly visit interesting places and see architectural monuments.

Mountain bikes

The most popular category in the list of rental services. First of all, MTBs are universal bicycles that are suitable for rides in difficult road conditions, as well as for marathons or multi-day travels. There is a wide choice of bicycles with classic wheel of 26 inches — MTB 26″, as well as niners — MTB 29er.


Bicycles with wide tires – uncompromising conquerors of off-road: whether it be sand or snow. To see the availability of all fatbikes you can click here.

City bicycles

City bikes are very convenient for daily rides and sightseeing trips in the park area. Various models of city bikes and cruisers are available.

Kids bikes

Every child dreams of a bicycle. And if you have no place to store your bicycle, or if you are not sure which model is right for your child before you buy it, you can rent bicycle. We offer a wide range of children’s bicycles that can be rented from one hour to several days.

Road bikes

The best and fastest bicycles to hit highways. Excellent option for long journeys. Find out more about road bikes in our rental network by clicking here.

Exclusive bikes

This is the most interesting category of bicycles. Here you will find: electric Fat Bike, a unique wooden cruiser, the most compact bikes by Strida, the world-famous manufacturer, as well as double tandem bike for simultaneous ride for 4(!) people. For more information, follow thе link.