Rent a kids bike Author A-Matrix

VELOKRATIA is periodically selling bicycles from the rental park. Current offers on used bikes, and full catalogue of new bikes you can check out in our online store However, if you are interested in this model, ask the manager for the current price by clicking on the button above.

The bicycle may be available at the following rental locations:

Teenage mountain bike with 24 inch wheels will be suitable for children of 130 – 150 cm height. Equipped with a 3×6 transmission and a 50 mm suspension fork.

Children’s bicycles are designed with maximum safety in mind

If you think that children’s bikes are just a reduced copy of an adult bike, things are actually a little more complicated. These bikes are designed with children’s physiology in mind and have adapted geometry accordingly. This also means that children’s bikes must be safe and also reliable. It is also an obvious mistake to buy an adult bike, even with a smaller frame size for a child, considering that he or she will someday grow up. In the bicycle rental chain Velokratia you can pick up an optimum bicycle for the child, taking into account his/her height, and even order an individual lesson with an instructor, which will speed up the process of learning to ride a bicycle.