Rent a fatbike Pride Donut 6.1 2019

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This is a fatbike – an off-road conqueror. What are its peculiarities?

Fatbike is an off-road bicycle with very wide tires, which allows you to ride on soft and unstable surfaces such as snow, sand and even swampy terrain. Fatbike appeared due to the evolution of mountain biking. But, despite such a specialised mission, has universal enough use. All the matter is in correct selection of pressure in tyres. At high enough pressure, a spot of contact with a surface is small enough that gives low rolling resistance. As a result, it is very easy and comfortable to ride along asphalted paths. Reduce the pressure and fatbike will not slip on the beach and will allow you not to close the cycling season even during the winter.
When you try a fatbike, you will be surprised how easy it rides, even in spite of the frightening size of the wheels.